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Work Accidents - Independent Workers

Work Accidents -
Independent Workers

Because the unexpected always happens.


Work Accidents Insurances are mandatory by law and protect you in case of an accident occurred during your work hours or on the way to and from work.

The Work Accidents Insurance - Independent Workers is the ideal insurance for self-employed individuals, with no work agreement with entities that benefit from the results of the individual's work.

  • Protection - in case an accident happens during work hours or on your way to and from work;
  • Integrated Systems for the Management and Provision of Health Care - access to a Private Network of Health Care Providers composed of medical specialists, hospitals, clinical and diagnosis centres located in Portugal that ensure a high service level to the worker injured in a work accident;
  • Comfort and speed in handling accidents by using the Accident Report Line (808 30 31 31), available from 8h00 to 20h00 GMT, 7 days/week. If you call this Line you will get:
    • Help contacting a physician, hospital or other health services provider that better suits your medical needs. In an emergency and if it is impossible for you to call the Accidents Line you should go to the nearest hospital, informing the Accidents Line as soon as possible;
    • Support in all the incident resolution stages, providing you with all the necessary information and clarifications.


What are the costs

The premiums depend on the salary and the activity sector.


Covers and Guarantees

By subscribing the Work Accidents - Independent Workers you will ensure the provision of the following benefits:

Benefits in kind

  • Medical, pharmaceutical, surgical and hospitalization benefits, as well as any other, however provided, that are deemed necessary and appropriate for the reestablishment of the health conditions and of the working and earning capacity of the injured person and his/her recovery.

Cash Benefits

  • Indemnity due to temporary, total or partial, disability for work;
  • Indemnity in capital or lifelong pension corresponding to the reduction in the working and earning capacity in case of permanent disability;
  • Allowance due to high permanent disability for work;
  • Allowance for home readjustments;
  • Supplementary allowance for assistance provided by third parties;
  • In case of death, pensions to the Injured Person's family;
  • Death and funeral grant;

This information does not dispense with the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

How to subscribe

If you go to your Millennium bcp Branch you will be able to get all the information you need.

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