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Travel Protection

Travel Protection

Because even when you are travelling the unexpected happens.


Because even when you are travelling the unexpected happens, Travel Protection is the most effective way to travel safe.

Travel Protection is a simple product to subscribe that protects you, anywhere in the world, from accidents that may occur during your journey and stay.

  • Protection for the Insured Person:
    in case an accident happens during the journey causing a permanent disability, travel protection guarantees you'll receive the financial assistance you require to help you cope in those difficult moments;
  • Protection for your family:
    the Travel Protection prevents an unforeseen event occurred during your journey from endangering the well-being and safety of your family, ensuring that, should a fatality occur, the designated Beneficiary/Beneficiaries receive the capital mentioned in the Insurance;
  • Innovative covers:
    besides the covers usually included in a normal travel insurance, Millennium bcp's Travel Insurance provides the following optional covers:
    • Winter sports (Snow Ski / Snowboard), protecting you from all eventual accidents that may happen during the amateur practice of your preferred winter sports;
    • Travel Assistance (Accident and Illness outside Portugal) - including Cancellation or Shortened Travel, Flight Delays and Assistance to Individuals.


What are the costs

The premiums vary depending on the covers and option selected.

In view of the number of individuals that are travelling, discounts shall be applied that may vary from 5% to 25%, on all contracted covers, except for the Travel Assistance cover.


Options and Covers

You may choose from two options:

  • Annual Option: for those that travel several times a year, thus ensuring a permanent travel protection, 365 days a year, up to 90 days per travel;
  • Day-to-Day Option for those who only travel occasionally; the insurance is made for the exact number of days of the travel, with the limit of 90 days per travel.

Available Covers

  • Permanent Disability due to Accident;
  • Death;
  • Treatment Expenses and Repatriation due to Accident;
  • Personal Luggage;
  • Medical Assistance in case of illness and accident abroad:
    • Assistance to Individuals while travelling
    • Cancellation or shortened travel, Flight Delay.
  • Winter Sports (Snow Ski and Snowboard).

This information does not dispense with the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

How to subscribe

For additional information go to any Millennium bcp Branch.

Take advantage of this opportunity and travel safe.

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