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Not a registered user of the corporate website yet?

How to access

To access all the available tools and services at the Corporate website of, you only have to Register your company and the Users.

To register:

  • Click on "Register";
  • Fill in the Company's identification;
  • Identify who binds the Company;
  • Define the Rules for the Authorization of Operations;

At the end, save and print the User Contract.

Indication of Users:

  • In the User's computer, click on  "Register" and choose "New User";
  • Indicate the TIN of your Company;
  • Enter the requested positions of the Accession Code that we gave you when you made the Company's registration;
  • Identify the new user and define the access levels to accounts and services;

At the end of the process, accept the installation of the Digital Certificate.

Then, all you have to do is deliver the User Contract  and the Annexes describing the User Profile duly signed by the Users and by the Company's Legal Representatives to any Branch.

5 reasons to use the website

  • Security, efficiency and fast transactions;
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Offer of a wide number of transactions and products that can only be subscribed online;
  • It is easy to get account statements, make transfers, pay salaries in batches, set up direct debits, request cheques, make international transfers and much more;
  • We offer you innovation, designing and offering new solutions and services that will make us your most important partner in your business projects.

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