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App M Empresas

Now you can manage your accounts
using your smartphone or tablet.


New on the app:

  • Immediate transfers1;
  • Issue of proof of transactions and possibility of sending them to an e-mail inbox by the end of the transaction and when you are authorizing pending transactions;
  • Customization of the first login screen (visualization of the user code and name of the company);
  • Top-Up of pre-paid cars from the screen used to view card balances;
  • App login with fingerprint and, for Apple devices, with Face ID. Exclusive for compatible devices2;
  • The App is available for multiple devices. All you have to do is download the app to the additional device and follow the installation steps;

Besides, the App continues to give you access to your company's accounts providing you with tools that may be extremely useful for the management of your day-to-day activities, such as:

  • Authorisation of pending operations;
  • Payments to the State;
  • SEPA transfers
  • View operations' history


1 Subscriber Banks: Banco Comercial Português, SA; Banco ActivoBank, SA; Banco BPI, SA; Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (Portugal), SA; Novo Banco S.A.; Bankinter S.A. - Branch in Portugal; Caixa Central - Caixa Central de Crédito Agrícola Mutuo; Caixa Económica Montepio Geral, Caixa Económica Bancária, SA, Banco Santander Totta, SA and Caixa Geral de Depósitos.

2 Exclusive for devices compatible with Touch ID and with Android 6.0 or a newer version.


Download and use the app for free.

The user only pays the internet connection (as per the prices agreed with his/her mobile network operator).

The App M Empresas is free of charge, being the operations executed online subject to the bank's current Pricing.


Download the App M Empresas and view your accounts and authorize and make transactions using a smartphone or tablet, with an application available for Apple and AndroidTM.

  • Access to information and benefits associated to the Programmes Cliente Aplauso and Aplauso Empresas 2018 ( Aplauso Logo, Diploma, Report Balance Sheet and Sector Analysis and Benefits Guide);
  • Monitor the Accounting, Available, Authorized and Value Balances and also the entries in the account;
  • View balances and credit cards charges;
  • View the Balance of the Securities Portfolio;
  • View the history of transactions made in the Companies’ internet banking (last 6 months);
  • View assets: View account balances, funds and credit;
  • View BIN, IBAN and BIC Swift of the current accounts and the combined statements.
Make an operation
  • One-time domestic transfer MBCP or OCI;
  • International transfer via SEPA;
  • Payment of Services using Multibanco;
  • Tax Payments to the State;
  • Top-up mobile phones;
  • Top-up pre-paid cards.
Authorize pending operations previously uploaded


  • Domestic (MBCP or OCI) same day of future date;
  • In other currency between MBCP accounts held by the Client;
  • International SEPA transfer, same day of future date;
  • International transfer in other currency, same day of future date;
  • Urgent international transfer in EUR, same day.

Payments to the State and Social Security

  • Single Social Security Contribution (TSU) same day of future date;
  • Tax Payments to the State, same day;
  • DUC Payment.


  • Payment of Bills using Multibanco, same day;
  • Pre-paid Cards top-up;
  • Mobile Phones top-up.


  • Request for Advances;
  • Credit Assignment File (upload to the website or create it online).


  • Purchasers
    • Payment Remittance File Upload
    • Suppliers File Upload
    • Execute Payment Notice created online
  • Suppliers
    • Request Funds Advance

Batch / File Upload *

  • SEPA C2B Payments;
  • SEPA C2B Collections;
  • International Transfers (SEPA and or other Currency) using IML/iDOC format;
  • Single Social Security Contribution (TSU/XSU);
  • Tax Payments (DUC);
  • Payment of Bills using Multibanco (PSM);
  • Pre-paid Cards top-up (PCE).

* Generated online by the website or by the Client's own software and afterwards uploaded to the website

Devices and operating systems

This app is compatible with Apple devices using at least iOS 8.0 and Android devices using at least 4.1 or more advanced operating systems.

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Parts of this page were reproduced from the work made and shared by Google and used in accordance with the terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. Google Play is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

How can I get it


Each User must start the process in the corporate website and click to subscribe the App M Empresas.

After the login, go to Banking Operations and then to Other Services. Then go to Manage Users and click on App M Empresas.

Step 1

After clicking Subscribe it is necessary to fill in the field Maximum limit per transaction. To continue, you must read and accept the Service's Terms of Use.

Then you must confirm the data entered. Once confirmed, you will receive the Confirmation Code in you mobile phone, which you must then enter to validate the subscription.

My subscription is pending authorization. What should I do?

If your subscription is still pending, you should wait until someone with authorisation powers confirms or denies your Subscription.

The next mandatory step is to Select and add the accounts you wish to have available in the App M Empresas.

Step 2

Go back to Manage Users > App M Empresas and click on Add/Remove Accounts.

For that, simply select the accounts on the left column and transfer them to the right column.

To remove the selection, just do the opposite: select and transfer the account back to the left column.

After checking that these are the accounts you want, confirm the operation with the password.

After confirmation the chosen accounts will be available in the App M Empresas.

In the future, you must repeat this step whenever you wish to add or remove an account from the app.

Download and Registry

Step 1 - Download

Go to the App Store or Play Store, using your smartphone or computer, and search for "M Empresas". Then all you have to do is to install it for free.

If you wish, you can also download the app using the QR Code:

  What is and how to use QR Code?
The QR code is a barcode that can be read using the camera of your mobile phone and an application to read QR Codes, directing the user to the page to install an application or go to a web address.
When searching the app store on your phone for QR Code, you'll find several applications that allow reading QR codes.

1) To install the app you need to have an App Store account.
2) Installing and using the App with mobile networks may imply data usage. Please consult the prices practiced by your mobile operator.

Step 2 - Choose a PIN

After you installed the App M Empresas open it.

Choose a security PIN.

Confirm your PIN to make sure you typed it correctly.

This is the PIN you will have to enter every time you open the App M Empresas for purposes of authentication.

Note: The Security PIN is composed of 4 numbers.

If you fail to enter the correct code three times you must go to View PUK (at Manage Users, select App M Empresas).


Step 3 - Registry

Enter the User code and click on Request SMS code to receive it on your mobile phone. This request is validated by the password you use for the corporate website. Once confirmed, you will receive the SMS.

Once you receive the SMS enter the code in the field SMS Code and click on Validate. For security reasons, your password is once again requested, so you must enter it again to complete the registry.

Welcome to the App M Empresas!

Note: The User is the same person that subscribed the App M Empresas on the corporate website. For security reasons, only one user can be registered on one device.

Other issues

The communication between your device and Millennium bcp is carried out through secure and encrypted channels to make sure that the communication remains confidential.

The App M Empresas is free of charge, being the operations executed online subject to the bank's current Pricing.

All operations that affect your assets are subject to additional validation by entering your password (the one you use to login to the Millennium bcp corporate website).

The installation and use of the App M Empresas implies data usage when a mobile network is being used. Mobile operators are free to charge what they want and what they have agreed with the Client. Please consult the prices practiced by your mobile operator.

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