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With the Alerts service, you can instantly track all transactions in your Company's accounts.

Whenever a movement occurs, a new document is made available or an anomaly is found in the processing of an instruction, you will be informed immediately.

You can receive these Alerts by email with no associated costs, or by SMS, on the mobile phone you have registered on the Bank's website, with a cost of € 0.10 + VAT for each SMS. The corresponding amount will be debited in aggregate at the beginning of the following month in the support account indicated during the adhesion process on the Corporate website.

Where can I create my Alerts?

To subscribe to your Alerts, access here. In the "Online Banking" tab, select "Other Services" and then choose the Alerts you want to create.

What Alerts can I subscribe?

  • Accounting balance
  • Deposits
  • Movements
  • Branch deposits
  • Combined statement
  • Release note

 Create Alerts

With the Alerts service, keep track of the most relevant information
about your Company's accounts.