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Multi-banking Channel

Multi-banking Channel

Connect yourself directly to the Bank!


Join the information on all your bank accounts directly in your Company´s software, benefiting from the largest number of tools available in the market.

Main advantages:

  • European standard for security and communications EBICS
  • Batches in accordance with domestic standards and ISO20022 XML for SEPA  payments and collections (C2B)
  • Integration of MT940 statements of accounts with Millennium bcp and with other international Banks
  • AFB120+ Statement (in Portuguese)
  • Greater security in the Company's information flows
  • More efficiency in high transaction volumes
  • It enables the Company to implement automated mechanisms for bank reconciliation


Please see the Pricing in force, also available for consultation at any Millennium bcp branch near you.


The Multi-banking Channel is a banking services platform that enables the exchange of files between the Company and some Banks by providing the main standards international models. This platform has been adopted by most Portuguese, French and German banks. Therefore, it allows automatic banking reconciliation, payments and collections, thus ensuring greater security in information flows, data updates whenever desired, reduction of human error and greater control over the operations.

For companies whose ERP's (Enterprise Resource Planning) have EBICS communications modules  or adopt the solutions SAGE/XRT, Metacase, among other.

By signing a Multi-Banking Channel Utilization Contract with the Bank, the Client will become entitled to use a variety of services.

Currently available tools:

  • Daily and Interim Bank statement
    Receiving bank statements from Millennium bcp (AFB120, AFB120+, MT940 and MT942) and from other Banks (MT940)
  • Payments file
    This service allows your company to make a number of credit transfers in Euros to Portugal, and to all SEPA countries, with a single standardised format XML file.
  • Cheque Letter
    Sending files for the centralized issue of Cheques.
  • International Transfers
    Sending files (MT101) with instructions for international transfers in Euros.
  • Online ATM Payment of Bills
    Pay your bills available for payment using Multibanco with a single file with multiple instructions.
  • Tax Payments
    Pay DUC taxes - single collection document - using a single file, with one or more instructions.
  • Payment of the Social Security Rate (TSU)
    Make your payments under the Contribution Regimes of the Social Security Welfare System.
  • Pre-paid cards top ups
    Upload a PCE file and topped up multiple cards.
  • Collection Files
    Make collections in Euros to debtors in Portugal, and in all SEPA countries, with a single standardised format XML file.
  • RAD and IAD File
    Receive files with changes to Direct Debit Instructions.
  • Refusals
    Rejections initiated by the Debtor.
  • Confirming
    Issue Payment Notices and request Funds Advance.
  • Bank statement
    Receiving bank statements from Millennium bcp (AFB120, AFB120+ and MT940) and from other Banks (MT940).
  • Rates
    Receiving files containing daily information on the main index interest rates.
  • FX Rates
    Receiving files containing daily information on the prices of the main currencies.

In the event that the Client intends to use the E-Statement services (MT940), Domestic Transfers/ Payments (C2B), Collections / Direct Debits (C2B) and/or Cheque Letter through this automated channel, it must subscribe the respective utilization agreement(s) with the Bank if it is not already a subscriber of those service.

How to subscribe

The Multi-Banking Channel Utilization Contract is mandatory and must be filled in and signed by the persons binding the Company. The contract must mention the data of the Company-Client, be stamped and contain information on the capacity of the signatory/signatories.

Utilization Agreement

Utilization Agreement (Group of Companies)

Alteration of Agreement (Group of Companies)


Document with technical information necessary for the Client to be able to use the service:

PT Version - EN Version - ES Version



Other issues

For more information, please contact your Client Manager or go to a Millennium bcp Branch.

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Access Agreement (Company/Sole Trader) 

Access Agreement (Group of Companies) 

Amendment to Access Agreement (Group of Companies) 



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