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Account Opening

Account Opening

Open an account and discover the advantages
of being a Millennium bcp Company Client.


Welcome to the Millennium Universe

From the moment you open an account with Millennium bcp you enter a Universe of advantages offered in 5 different continents, by 20,000 employees and 1,600 branches spread throughout 20 countries around the world.

Today the Millennium brand is the symbol of 9 banks located in different countries.

By developing business relationships and agreements with other countries, our international network promotes your personal and business interests.

We invite you to enter the Millennium Universe. Try it out and discover all its advantages.

02.002.10806 - 28.08.2013

Our commitment

Follow the business needs of our Clients, in Portugal and abroad.

Keep our bet in innovation at our Clients' service, in order to make it easier for them to manage their business activities and to support their internationalization efforts.

Always be near you with Millennium bcp's Companies website, following your activity, offering solutions especially designed for you that privilege innovation and simplification and an offer that fits the treasury management needs of the Companies.

We benchmark all areas of business to measure our performance quality and take new steps to perfect our business.

We constantly strive to simplify our procedures, as a step towards efficiency and to increase the actual value of the service provided.

What I have to do

To open an account, you just have to:

1. Print and fill in the following forms:

  • For Companies
  • For Self-Employed Businesspersons

*the Standardised Information Form must be obtained from a Millennium bcp Branch.

2. Depending on your specific situation, please deliver the following documents:

  • Commercial Companies
  • Commercial Registry Certificate or code to access the permanent certificate.
  • Legal Person identification card.
  • Certificate or code of the Centralized Registry of Effective Beneficiaries.
  • Public Entities
  • Publication in the Official Gazette mentioning the legal regime ruling the incorporation, organization and functioning of the organisms, together with respective amendments.
  • Written statement of the entity listing its representatives and how the legal person is bound.
  • Legal Person identification card.
  • Associations and Foundations
  • Public deed of incorporation or publication in the Official Gazette and respective amendments.
  • Publication of the articles of association in the Official Gazette and respective amendments.
  • Written statement (Letterhead paper) of the entity listing its representatives and how the legal person is bound.
  • Legal Person identification card.
  • Minutes of meetings drawn from the minute book mentioning the appointment of the current management and /or how the entity is bound.
  • Certificate or code of the Centralized Registry of Effective Beneficiaries.
  • Condominiums
  • Minutes of the meeting of the members of the condominiums (+ than 50% on the occasion of the 1st call notice and 25% in the 2nd cal notice) stating the appointment of the condominium managers or the members of the condominium empowered to use the account and the way the account may be used.
  • Legal Person identification card.
  • Certificate or code of the Centralized Registry of Effective Beneficiaries, if more than 50% of the ownership is held by a single holder or the global equity value, including the common parts and as determined under the applicable tax rules, exceeds the amount of 2 000 000 €.


3. Documents that the Company's representatives need to present:

  • Those who are empowered to use the account
  • Identification: Identity Card or Citizen Card or Passport or Residence Permit or, in the case of EU citizens, Identification Card issued by a EU Member State together with the Registration Certificate.
  • Taxpayer Identification Number: TIN or the Citizen Card or any public document stating the TIN.
  • A document stating their residence: utility bills, IRS reimbursement or a statement issued by the local authority (Junta de Freguesia) or any type of residence certificate/card/proof or, in the case of EU citizens, Certificate of Registration or Permanent Residence Certificate or official correspondence addressed to the address provided by the Clien.
  • A document evidencing his/her profession and identifying his/her employer: wage receipt, employee card or a self-employed receipt or the identification card issued by a professional association (in these last two cases, if they have an employer, they must attach a statement issued by their employer).
  • Those who are not empowered to use the account
  • Statement issued by the Company identifying the partners/shareholders with more than 25% of the share capital (BEF).

    Note: BEF means Beneficial Owner, i.e. the natural person (or persons) that, ultimately, owns the share capital or controls the Customer's voting rights or the natural person on behalf of whom a transaction or activity is carried out or who is the holder of the economic interest underlying that transaction or activity. The registration of the BEF is mandatory.

The documents delivered must be the original documents, authenticated copies or copies made at a notary public.

Other issues

Should you have any doubt regarding this process please call 918 504 504 | 930 504 504 | 961 504 126 | +351 210 042 424 (from Portugal or abroad), option 2, for customer support available every day from 8am to 10pm (GMT).

The cost of communications depends on the tariff you have agreed with your telecommunications operator.​

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