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File Management. Safer and more efficient, even easier. 

From the most common instructions, such as the payment of salaries or payments to suppliers, to the most complex transactions, such as the SEPA international collections in Euros, the Millennium bcp Companies website is not only able to accept a large variety of banking instructions by file, it also gives you the possibility of generating those files online.

If your company has an enterprise resource planning software (ERP) that enables you to create and export files in an automated manner, go to File Management, in the Banking Operations area and select the intended option.



Type of Instruction Currency Format Online Creation
Salaries, Suppliers, Transfers EUR C2B Yes
PS2 Yes
Multibanco Services EUR PSM Yes
Taxa Social Única (Single Social Security Contribution) EUR TSU No
XSU (MSExcel) No
Taxes EUR DUC Yes
Transfers EUR and Other IML Yes
EUR and Other iDOC No
EUR and Other SWIFT MT101 No



Type of Instruction Currency Format Online Creation
Miscellaneous EUR C2B Yes
PS2 No
Multibanco EUR FER No



Type of Instruction Currency Format Online Creation
Factoring - Credits Assignment EUR SC30 (FAC) Yes
Confirming Remittances EUR SPF Yes
New Suppliers EUR FNC No
Cheque Letter EUR CHK Yes
Pre-paid Cards top-up EUR PCE Yes

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