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TPA Plus


The solution with a small and easy pricing.


A POS with communication costs included in the Monthly Fee (sole monthly cost). With this solution you always pay the same regardless of the number of communications established that month.

With a competitive Multibanco Seller Service Rate (TSC), this solution has a simple and reduced pricing.

02.002.12101 07/08/2013


Consult the Pricing in force, also available for consultation at any Millennium bcp Branch near you.


Millennium bcp provides you with two types of equipments enabling you to choose the one that better fits your needs:


Connected to a fixed communication line, this terminal is the perfect equipment for retailers whose sales are made at the cashier's counter.

Mobile POS/TPA

Using GPRS, this terminal can be used inside and outside your establishment, just like you would use a mobile phone. It is perfect for distribution companies, fairs and home repairs.

The POS/TPA accepts several cards:

Multibanco® Contract
Your POS/TPA will accept all cards with access to the Multibanco network.

 Visa/Mastercard® Contract
 By subscribing the Visa®/Mastercard® contract signed with Unicre, the entity that represents those brands in Portugal, the POS/TPA will be able to accept:
- cards with access to the Multibanco® network,
- Visa® and Mastercard® cards, issued in Portugal or abroad.

American Express® Contract
By subscribing the American Express® contract signed with Millennium bcp, representative of that brand in Portugal, your POS/TPA will be able to accept:
- cards with access to the Multibanco® network,
- American Express® cards, issued in Portugal or abroad.

Using Millennium bcp's POS/TPA systems, you will also be able to use the new MBSpot® service that enables your clients to pay bills, top up mobile phones and make payments to the State.
This way, Clients, besides paying for their purchases can also pay utility bills (water, electricity, heating) and taxes, as well as top up their mobile phones.

Additional Services

You can also subscribe at Millennium bcp's corporate website to a new service: receiving the POS/TPA closing file every month and Seller Service Rates (TSC), in excel format.


The file provided details the daily closing data, TSC Multibanco and TSC for other Contracts of every POS/TPA the Company has associated with its tax identification number.
The file is available in the File Management area of Millennium bcp's corporate website.
The service is available only for Company Clients and their users at with access to all the accounts.
These functions will soon be available for users of the same group.


This service costs 2€ + VAT per file.


Go to Banking Operations, choose File Management > Request Files >  Subscribe/Cancel TPA/TSC Closing File and:
  • 1. Choose the supporting demand deposit account;
  • 2. Read and accept the General Conditions for this product;
  • 3. Confirm the transaction data.

Contact your Client Manager or go to a Millennium bcp branch and request your POS/TPA.

Other issues

For more information, contact your Client Manager or go to a Millennium bcp Branch.

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