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Schedule Operations


We provide the possibility of scheduling operations to help companies keep their daily life organised, especially when employees are away from the Company, for professional reasons or simply on vacations.

You just need to upload the operation desired beforehand and the Bank will execute it on the processing date defined. You just have to make sure that the funds are available in the demand deposit account on the processing date.

The main advantages of using this service in your company are:

  • Reduces administrative and operational load on staff;
  • Provides several operations available for scheduling.

How it works

Access the various operations available and define the future date when you want the operation to be executed.

The Company can define beforehand a Future date for payments, particularly in case of:

This way, you may, at any time, schedule the payment of your Employee's wages, of the social security rate (Taxa Social Única) or make payments to your suppliers by means of an domestic or international transfer.

If, after submitting an operation with a future date, you wish to cancel it, you may do so for the following instructions before the scheduled date:

  • Domestic transfers;
  • MT101, MT103 and iDoc files;
  • One-off International Transfer | Euro Zone / SEPA;
  • One-off International Transfers | Other;
  • International Bulk Transfers | Euro Zone / SEPA;
  • International Bulk Transfers | Other;

You must take into consideration the need to verify if the scheduled processing has been effectively carried out so as to be able to discover any eventual malfunctions and to get the respective transaction confirmation, whenever necessary.


Using the Millennium bcp Companies web portal is free of charge, other than the costs of each transaction or service according to the pricing in effect at the moment the transaction is executed, and available for consultation at any Millennium bcp branch or at princing.

How to subscribe

Go to the Millennium bcp companies website and schedule now your Company's future commitments!