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e-Statements and Bank Slips 

Millennium bcp has at your disposal a service that allows you to get the combined statement and bank slips sent to the e-mail indicated by you and also to consult them online with safety and total privacy.


+ Easier

  • It enables you to save them on your computer or in any other storage device: DVD, CD-ROM, etc.;
  • Consult them by date, when and where you want.

+ Faster

  • As a rule, the statement will be available for consultation on the 1st working day of each month;
  • If sent by mail they will take longer to reach you.

+ More Environment-friendly

  • The environment is preserved and you are contributing to a better future.

The documents are made available individually, in a pdf format (Adobe Reader), and are digitally signed and certified by the Bank. To read the documents, you must have a software that enables you to read the pdf file and you may get it, free of charge, at


The subscription of the e-Documents and their remittance by e-mail is free of charge.

How it works?

After the subscription date, the following documents: Combined Statements and/or Bank Slips, will no longer be sent by regular mail.  Exception made to Bank Slips related to securities transactions that will continue to be sent by regular mail.

To view the documents online, just go to the Companies website of Millennium bcp, select the option "Other Services > Documents >  e-Statements and Bank slips (.pdf)". There, you can select (for each current account) the documents you wish to view, per date and reference. The documents shall remain available for 12 months.  In case you need a copy of a document issued more than 12 months ago, the same will be sent to you in paper by mail to the account's address. Consult the price for this operation.

If you wish, you may create an Alert that will inform you every time new documents become available for online consultation on the website.

Millennium bcp also gives you the possibility of receiving the documents by e-mail. For that purpose just go to Other Services > Remittance of Documents by e-mail and select the type of document you wish to receive by e-mail.

Consult here the conditions for the remittance of documents and alerts by e-mail.

How to subscribe?

To subscribe this service, go to:

If you wish to receive the E-Statement and/or the Bank slips by e-mail or create an Alert, select the intended option at:

If you subscribe the Combined Statement in digital format you will be entitled to access the Monthly Agenda.  Learn more!

Other issues

For more information regarding this operation please call 918 504 504 | 930 504 504 | 961 504 126 | +351 210 042 424  (from Portugal and abroad), option 2 - available every day from 8am to 10pm (GMT) or contact your usual interlocutor at the Bank.​

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