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Electronic Domestic Transfers

A secure, fast and comfortable way to make payments.

Bulk Payments

Quick and simple to execute.

Point of Sale (POS/TPA)

An easy to use POS terminal that provides an efficient and comfortable solution for your business!

TPA Plus

The solution with an easier and small pricing.

Flash TPA

A POS for when you are in business.

Taxes (DUC) – Bulk Payments

A single file, several Tax Payments.

Payment of the Social Security Rate (TSU)

Tailor made solutions to help you comply with your tax duties.

Online ATM Bulk Payments of Bills

Aggregate several payments of bills in a single operation.

Online ATM Payment of Bills

Your company gets paid faster, increases its administrative efficiency and decreases the costs involving payments.

SEPA - Sending C2B Collection Files

One file, several collection instructions for the Euro Area.

SEPA - Sending C2B Payment Files

One file, several payments to the Euro Area.

Transfers between own accounts - Currency

Use other currencies in a simple, fast and comfortable manner!

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