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Online ATM Payment of Bills

Online ATM Payment of Bills

Your company gets paid faster, increases its administrative efficiency and decreases the costs involving payments.


The main advantages of using this service in your company are:

  • The Company gets paid in a faster and safer manner;
  • It achieves a greater administrative efficiency and reduces its costs with payments;
  • It allows your Company to give its clients an easy, simple, comfortable, rapid and accessible way to pay using several channels 24/24h (ATM and homebanking);
  • Your company is able to, rapidly, get information on the payments made by its clients.

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Consult the Pricing in force, also available for consultation at any Millennium bcp Branch near you.


The Online ATM Payment of Bills is a service provided by SIBS, the entity that regulates and manages the service. This service gives a company that subscribes it, the possibility of providing their clients with a way to pay their bills for services provided by the company through the Multibanco network.

How it works

Briefly, the main steps to implement the service are the followings:

  • Signing a Contract with Millennium bcp;
  • Filling in the SIBS forms;
  • The bank delivers to the Company the SIBS Manual with the description and planning of the payment of services/purchases;
  • Delivery to the Company of the Manual of the SIBS Services Portal.

The way selected by the Company to validate the payment references determines the way the same are presented for payment: by construction of the reference with the addition of 2 check digits or by the remittance to the SIBS of a file detailing the referen.

The Subscribing Company must include the following data in the bills for payment in Euros it sends to its Clients:

  • Entity
    A number with 5 digits supplied by SIBS and higher than 10,000 that identifies the Company;
  • Reference
    A number with 9 digits, created by the Subscribing Company that enables it to unequivocally identify the client and the payment made;
  • Amount
    Amount that cannot exceed € 100,000.00 rounded to cents of Euro to be paid by the Client of the Subscribing Company.

Daily and after clearing, SIBS sends to the Bank the total of payments made using the Multibanco Network for credit into the account of the Subscribing Company, after taking the Bank's fee and respective VAT.

After clearing, (usually after 00.00 - midnight) the SIBS Portal makes available to the Company a file with all the payments made using the Multibanco Network. If the Client so wishes, it may be notified in Real Time on the payments made.

Millennium bcp issues a monthly statement describing the total amounts paid and the respective bank fees and VAT debited daily for the provision of the service.

Other issues

For more information, contact your Client Manager or go to a Millennium bcp Branch.

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