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Payment of the Social Security Rate (TSU)

Payment of the
Social Security Rate (TSU)

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The Payment of the Social Security Rate (TSU) available at Millennium bcp's Companies Portal gives you:

  • The possibility of making several payments of the Social Security Rate (TSU) at the same time;
  • The possibility of making payments in a more reliable, faster and safer manner;
  • Increased control on payments.

02.002.5452 - 2012/03/28


Social security payments are exempt from bank fees.


Companies that make their contributions and payments under the Contribution Regimes of the Social Security Welfare System on a monthly basis will find a number of solutions to settle them using the Companies website.

By means of a simple operation, your Company can make one-off payments or schedule them for future and recurrent processing. For multiple payments, we also offer your Company the possibility of giving instructions in a batch.

How it works

This is a service provided by Millennium bcp that enables you to pay the TSU, by selecting the category that better fits your needs:

Besides the one-off payment, we also give you the possibility of scheduling the service

After submitting the operation for future date or permanent processing, you may cancel it before the intended processing date, provided that the cancellation order is given 1 day, at least, prior to the intended processing date.

You may also create a batch file containing multiple TSU payments and send it by clicking on File upload.

We place at your disposal two ways of paying the TSU by file. Both imply the prior signing of a contract with the Bank:

  • TSU File Upload: To send a text file in the TSUformat, you must take into consideration the respective Technical Layout.
  • XSU File Upload (Format MS Excel®): To send a XSU file, download the sample file where the user may record information on the Companies and the taxes to pay.

Other issues

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the payment of the Social Security Rate (TSU) at the Companies website

How can I verify the Payment data?

After sending the files to the Bank, the Company may verify the data of the operation as follows:

  • Operations History: Apart from consulting the data of the file - nr. of records, the file's total amount and the data of each tax payment - you can also verify which users intervened in the operation. Access as follows: Authorisations > Operations History.
  • Check files: On D+2 (D being the processing date) you can get a check file by accessing: File Management > Consult Files > Check. In the file format you must choose the option "TSU/XSU - Taxa Social Única".
Can I get individual statements for the payments made?

For all TSU payment instructions accepted and processed by the Bank, the Company can also download an individual payment statement.

PTo access this information, you must go to: File Management > Consult Files > Individual Statements. In the file format you must choose the option "TSU".

The Company may use the document generated to give to third parties as a proof of a determined payment.

Does the Bank issue a Bank Slip?

The Bank Slip issued contains, as for all other payments made by batch, the total amount of the file (corresponding to the amount debited).

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