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Bulk Payments

Bulk Payments

Quick and simple to execute.


Bulk Payments - a tool that enables Clients to make a determined number of transfers to credit accounts with Millennium bcp or with other Banks, with only one account debit, without the need of any specific IT tool for the creation of the file.

  • Several transfers made in one single operation;
  • With the possibility of scheduling the operation for a future date;
  • A single account debit with the issue of the respective bank slip;
  • Does not require the installation of a specific IT solution for the files;
  • Quick and simple to execute;
  • Reduction of costs, since it is the less expensive channel if compared with the Paper List and the Magnetic Support;
  • More comfortable, since the client does not need to go to the bank or send physical documents.

02.002.5696 - 2012/04/27


Consult the Pricing in force, available for consultation at any  Millennium bcp Branch near you.


The transfers shall be made pursuant instructions from the Client sent to the bank in one of three formats:

  • PS2 files, sent through the Corporate website or another automated channel (SIBS, XTR/CERG, etc.);
  • PS2 files, sent in diskette, CD or magnetic stripe together with a letter confirming the instructions and signed by the authorised representatives of the Company;
  • Paper Lists.

What is a PS2 file?

The PS2 format is a computer file whose fields are parameterized and defined in accordance with the guidelines issued by Associação Portuguesa de Bancos (standard for the entire Portuguese Financial System).

You can use this technical layout for making the PS2 Payments File directly using your company's systems. If you wish you can also download the computer programme made available by Millennium bcp for creating this type of files. This software is supplied to the Company free of charge.

Can I create online files?

Yes, as an alternative to the PS2 files, you may create online Bulk Payments.
This tool, available at Payments > Bulk Payments, enables you to create a Payments PS2 File, without the need of using additional software.

All you have to do is enter the requested data, namely:
  • Type of Payment (Salaries, Suppliers or Miscellaneous);
  • Processing Date;
  • Name, NIB to credit, Amount in Euros and Description of the Transfer.

As soon as all the data on the transfers have been entered, the website will automatically generate a Payments PS2 File and send it to the Bank after confirming the operation and signature by the users with the power to authorise the payments.

When can I begin using this tool?

Sending payment instructions via PS2 File through the Corporate website of Millennium bcp does not require the prior formalization of contract as in traditional mode. All you have to do is read and accept the general terms and conditions of the online service before sending the first file, as described in the website

How it works

You can make Bulk Payments at the corporate website of Millennium bcp using one of the following options:

After sending the files to the Bank, you may verify the data of the operation as follows:

Operations History

Apart from consulting the data of the file - namely the n.º of registrations, the file's total value and the data of each credit transfer total - you can also verify which users intervened in the operation.

The access is made as follows: Authorisations > Operations History.
Returned files

As of D+2 (D being the processing date), you may download a returned file by accessing: File Management > View Files > Returned.

In the file format, you must choose the option "PS2 - Payments", checking, this way, if the data concerning each transfer were processed, or not.
Receipt Entry by Entry

For all the transfers made by the Bank, the Company has, from D+2 onwards (D being the processing date) the possibility of downloading a receipt entry by entry. To access this information, you must do the following: : File Management > View Files > Receipt Entry by Entry. In the file format you must choose, as the case may be, one of the following options: "PS2 - Salaries", "PS2 -Suppliers" or "PS2 - Transfer".

Bank slip

The bank issues a bank slip for the total amount of the file (that corresponds to the amount debited from the account). The Companies that subscribed the e-Documents Service may download them from the corporate website as of D + 2 (being D the processing date) going to:

If any of the transfers is returned, the Bank shall issue a new Bank Slip for the credit to the account.

Concerning Corporate Clients, the transfers generate, by default, a bank slip and, consequently, the charging of postage charges for its remittance to the transferor company. If the transferor company does not wish to receive bank slips, it must expressly mention that wish to the Bank or, as an alternative, subscribe to the e-Bank Slips, through the Corporate website (free of charge) in Other Services > Documents > e-Statements and Bank Slips (.pdf) > Subscribe.

Other Issues

For more information, contact your Client Manager or go to a Millennium bcp Branch.

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