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The financing process of your new house requires you submit several documents to the Bank.

Not all documents are requested when you apply for a loan. Some documents are needed while the loan is being formalised and others while we are drafting your deed.

Now, with the new Public Service of Certificates from the Directorate-General of Registry and Notary Services, you might find it convenient to request the Abstract of Title of your new house online.


Documents required to formalise the Loan

Personal Documents (*) Where to get them
Copies of ID and taxpayer cards for all applicants Client
Last tax return and respective tax bill (if applicable) Client
Copy of last 3 payslips (**) Client
Statement from your employer stating date of admission and contractual relation (**) Employer

(*) Documents also to be submitted by Guarantors, if there are any.
(**) When requested by the Bank.
Note 1 - Mortgage Loan application form and respective Insurance proposals are simple to fill out at your branch.
Note 2 - The Bank may request additional documents if necessary.

Property Documents Where to get them
Location Plan (if there is one) Seller/Town Hall
Copy of Legal Description or "Modelo 1" (Form 1) Seller/Tax Office
Building or apartment plan, preferably at 1/50 or 1/100 scale Seller/Town Hall

Note:  The Bank may request additional documents if necessary.


Specific documents per purpose

Document Where to get them
Up-to-date "Caderneta Predial" (Legal Description) or "Modelo 1" (Form 1) or
"Certidão de Teor Matricial" (Cadastral Certificate)
Tax Office
"Certidão da Descrição Predial" (Property Description Certificate) Commercial Registration Office
Original or certified copy of the "Licença de Habitação ou Utilização" (Housing or Usage License)
- not required if building was erected before 1951
Seller/Town Hall
Cancellation Certificate of preceding mortgages (if there are any) Seller/Client/ Other Credit Institution
Mortgage Savings Account Statement (if there is one) Credit Institution where the Client holds the account
Payment statement of IMT (Municipal Property Transfer Tax) Tax Office

Note:  The Bank may request additional documents if necessary.


Other additional documents

For a Low or No Down Payment Loan Where to go
Copy of Offer to Purchase agreement Seller/Client
Low or No Down Payment Loan Agreement Bank
For a Loan for Disabled Where to go

Disability statement or Disabled from Armed Forces card. Multi-purpose certificates may also be used to purchase an owner-occupied dwelling

Health Regional Delegate of your area of residence

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