The Millennium bcp Foundation, under the institutional social responsibility and cultural patronage policies, represents an agent of creation of value in society, in the different areas of its intervention, namely Culture, Science and Knowledge and Social Solidarity.

The Foundation focuses its activity mainly on Culture, affirming itself as one of the most recognized Portuguese patrons. In the areas of Science and Knowledge, the Foundation seeks to intervene in projects contributing for the disclosure of scientific knowledge, the construction of a developed society and exercise of a responsible and informed citizenship. In the area of Solidarity it aims to contribute to assist entities providing social solidarity.


// Conservation and disclosure of the Bank’s art assets

// Museum activities

// Recovery of cultural heritage

// Other cultural initiatives

and Knowledge

// University

// Basic education

Social Solidarity

// Social action in situations of social and economic deprivation

// Promotion of physical and mental health

Main Highlights


projects supported

Donations allocated by intervention area


Science and Knowledge

Social Solidarity

Geographic distribution

New graphic identity

Modernity and innovation

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