Main highlights


million euros

In net income, with positive results in all geographies where the Bank operates.

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Message of the Chairmen

2018 was a very positive year, with results aligned with the growth and profitability ambition set out in the strategic plan.

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Management Report

A leading Bank prepared for the future

Millennium bcp is Portugal’s largest private banking institution, with a position of leadership and particular strength in various financial products, services and market segments based on a modern branch network with strong nationwide coverage.

Action guided by respect for people and institutions

Focus on the Customer and a mission of excellence, trust, ethics and responsibility

Innovation and simplification set the pace of the Bank

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Supporting households, the economy and society

We are a Bank with a strong commitment to Sustainability and to Ethical and Responsible Business practices. Therefore, in 2018, we once again supported households, the economy and society, in all geographies where the Bank operates. The intervention of the Bank’s Sustainability policy is divided into three major dimensions.

Involvement with the external community and with the internal community

Offer of products and services which incorporate social and environmental principles

Sharing of sustainability principles

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Accounts and Notes to the Accounts

Financial Statements

The individual and consolidated financial statements presented in the 2018 Annual Report were approved by the Bank’s Board of Directors on 26 April 2019.

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Corporate Governance

One-tier model

Banco Comercial Português, S.A has adopted a one-tier corporate structure with a Board of Directors, which includes an Executive Committee and an Audit Committee composed solely of non-executive directors. The Company also has a Remuneration and Welfare Board and an International Strategic Board, elected by the General Meeting.

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